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    We provide notations for hindi film songs depending on the requests received and at present we have created notations for few songs which are immediately available in our website. All the songs are available in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Acrobat reader installed in your computer.. The notations are available for both Piano/Keyboard and on “Guitar Tabulature.”

Styles of Music Interpretation(notation styles)

    The notations also includes Lyrics under the notes, chords that can be used to play in your keyboard synthesizers and the same chords can be used for guitar accompaniments. Since playing instrumental music does not necessitate notes for repeated passages in the song we have used repeat symbols to play the song with the lyrics for the repeated passages unless the lyrics demand change notations. The notations provided in the site can be used for many Indian and western instruments and can be played either using ABCD or Sa Re Ga Ma formats.
Tamil Cover
Tamil cover
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