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  Opportunity to learn music is perhaps the most loved and cherished dream of most individuals. In India, with the absence of quality music books for western music or Indian music it has been a challenge to learn and perform in a professional way. There are very few books available with music notations in western format for Indian music, which is recognized by musicians all over the world.

We realized the need for music notations in both Indian and Western notations so that people can start playing their favorite songs on any instrument of their choice.

Thus, to ensure that you can access quality sheet music at will and enjoy them we have created


Notations are provided in 3 Formats:
  • Sa Re Ga Ma format which is followed by most of Indian music lovers who learn or play on their own the classical music and light music
  • A B C D format used by students who learn music with the help of teachers and
  • The universal music notation language- the western staff notations.
  • Guitar tabs for Indian Music with lyrics and chords.
Through Keyboard Synthesizers OUR NOTATIONS MAKE YOU A ONE BAND ORCHESTRA. So what are you waiting for?
Notation Junction
Tamil Cover
Tamil cover
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